Racing at GTYC

Wednesday Nights

May 18 - September 28

Our weekly Wednesday Night Series runs the length of the summer with three starts for the four PHRF divisions and the Melges 24 one-designs. The first warning signal is sounded at 6:00 pm with competitors generally being on the water by 5:30. Depending on conditions on West Grand Traverse Bay, races run roughly one hour.

Thursday Nights

May 26 - September 29

The GTYC Interlake and Melges 15 fleets race through the summer on Thursday evenings, with up to four races per night if conditions allow. The earliest first warning is at 6:00 pm, with races generally running through 7:30. Almost all of the boat sail from the clubhouse or our Bluewater waterfront.

Monday Nights

May 16 - June 27

The Radio Controlled Sailing season kicks off in May with sailing and racing at the Traverse Area Community Sailing facilities at Boardman Lake. Each night of sailing will feature multiple races beginning at 6:00 pm.

Weekend Races & Regattas

Check Club Calendar for Dates

A number of special races and regattas are scheduled through the summer for all of our fleets, including point-to-point distance events, Around the Island races, and buoy racing regattas. Check the pages of our sailing fleets for those events