We Welcome Visitors From Other Yacht Clubs! 

We are happy to welcome you to the Grand Traverse Yacht Club and to Traverse City! To visit GTYC, all we ask is for a letter of introduction from your Club’s Secretary (email to info@gtyc.org) or if you are arriving with short notice, simply present your Yacht Club membership card at the bar and/or to our Service Manager, Chris Horvath. Our Club is open Wednesday and Friday evenings with food service beginning around 5pm.

Wednesday nights May through September are our primary sailboat race nights with our Interlake fleet racing on Thursdays. Skippers in both fleets welcome crew from other clubs, just arrive early if you would like to race! If your club participates in burgee exchanges, GTYC proudly exchanges burgees with visiting reciprocal club members and we welcome the opportunity to trade burgees with visiting sailors.

For those looking for reciprocal docking privileges, GTYC does not have dockage available. 

GTYC does not operate a marina.

We recommend either Elmwood Township Marina or Clinch Park Marina. Both are within dinghy distance of GTYC.

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