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Thank you for your interest in the Grand Traverse Yacht Club (GTYC). Membership in the Club is open to anyone who is at least 18 years of age. The GTYC is interested in recruiting members who are committed to our purpose: to promote, protect and encourage boating for pleasure and sport; and to encourage the development and cultivation of good fellowship among its members. Applications for membership must be sponsored by two active members, and submitted to the membership committee. If you do not have sponsors, please contact the Membership Committee to arrange for an interview and help you identify appropriate sponsors. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, a membership number and membership card will be issued.

Membership Categories and Discounts:

Active Membership: Mooring rental, dry-sailing, launch ramp privileges, dinghy storage, and a key to the clubhouse are additional privileges of Active Membership available only to this class. Active members receive one vote per membership in Club elections. Limited to 150, this class of membership requires payment of a Building Fee of $500(*)

Associate Membership:
Membership in this category includes use of the club for all scheduled social functions, reduced fees for certain club functions. Dues are 80% of the Active Membership dues for the year. 

Junior Member Discount: An individual between the ages of eighteen (18) and thirty (30) may join Associate Membership and pay 75% of the Associate Membership Dues.

2021 Cost of Membership

Membership Type Annual Fee
Active Membership:

$550.00* plus $100 Capital Fund Assessment

With Senior Discount  (Ages 65+ & 15 years of Membership) 

$468.00 plus $100 Capital Fund Assessment
Associate Membership:

$440.00 plus $100 Capital Fund Assessment

With Senior Discount  (Ages 65+ & 15 years of Membership) 

$374.00 plus $100 Capital Fund Assessment
Junior Membership: $330.00
or Paid Monthly$28.00

Volunteering is a GTYC tradition

As a not-for-profit organization, the GTYC relies on volunteers to keep fees affordable and to improve programs and operations. When you apply for membership, we expect that you will commit your interests and talents to the mission of the club. Volunteering is also a good way to quickly get to know other members.


The GTYC welcomes boaters of all types. The club is open Wednesday and Friday nights for social programs year-round. Our racing programs offer fun for all levels of sailors on Wednesday nights and some weekends from May through September. The GTYC also regularly hosts national and regional regattas for various classes of sailboats. Our cruising fleet consists of powerboats and sailboats. The Cruising fleet meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month for dinner and a program. You do not need to be a member of the Club to participate in these activities, with participation being the best way to demonstrate you interest in joining the Grand Traverse Yacht Club.


The GTYC facilities include a spacious dining and entertaining area, friendly bar, bayside patio, private beach, showers, a children's playroom, and mezzanine overlooking Grand Traverse Bay. For Active Members, the Club offers on a limited basis, seasonal dry storage for trailerable boats, a launch ramp, in the water dinghy storage and 17 DNR permitted moorings for Boats up to 35'. The Club is also available to members for private functions. See the club rental page.

Membership Application

While we wish we could offer unlimited access to the club and bay, we are restricted in the number of Members that our facilities can support. Our membership application process is initiated online. We collect certain information in part to better plan for, and organize appropriate activities for adults and families. Please take special care with the biography section of the application as it helps the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors determine what talents and interests you bring to the club.

Membership applications are reviewed regularly to fill vacancies when they occur, usually in May. To keep informed as to the activities of the Club, the application process and suggestions as to how to improve your chances of having your application considered by the Board when a vacancy does occur, we encourage all of our applicants to subscribe via the website to our monthly Waterlines newsletter, as well as weekly updates delivered in Docklines. 

Dues Payment

No payment is due at time of application. You will be advised of fees due if accepted for membership.

A Word About Privacy

The GTYC respects your privacy. We do not collect personal information from you unless you voluntarily provide it.  You have the ability to control who sees the information in your profile. For more information on this subject, check the Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy on the links at the bottom of this page.

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