Membership Renewals

Members: Did you get a message reminding you to renew your membership?  You can pay online with a credit card or by check. Dues this year are:  

Membership Type Payment due by
March 1
Active Member  $  500.00 
Active Member with building fee balance  $  550.00
Active Member with Senior Discount   $  425.00
Associate Member:   $  400.00
Associate Member with Senior Discount   $  340.00
 Junior Associate Member $  300.00
Note: After March 1, Add $25.00; After April 1, Add $50.00

See instructions below for manual payment.


Online Payments: This renewal method is quick and easy and it eliminates much of the manual record keeping necessary to maintain club membership rolls.  Renewals without penalty end on March 1.


1. Log in using your e-mail address and password at the top right of this page. If you don't know your password, click on "Forgot password" and follow the prompts.

2. When you are logged in, click on "View profile" at the right hand top of the page.

3. look for the "Renewal until March 01, 20XX" button in the middle of the page and follow the prompts. This is where you can update your membership profile and set your privacy preferences.

Note: If this is your first time viewing your profile, take time to complete the missing information. There are some fields that must be completed in your profile to complete the renewal. Look for the * next to the required fields.


Manual Payments: May be made by returning the bottom portion of your 2019 Dues statement with a check made payable to the Grand Traverse Yacht Club and sent to:

Grand Traverse Yacht Club
P.O. Box 131
Traverse City, MI 49685
Attn: Treasurer

You may also pay your dues at the Bar by check or credit card using the bottom portion of your 2020 Dues Statement as well.


We hope you will renew today and help keep GTYC the best boating organization out there.

The Membership Committee

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