About Membership in the GTYC

The Grand Traverse Yacht Club is always seeking new members who will actively participate in our community

Listed below is a summary of the mission, history, rights and responsibilities of membership plus other useful information.

Mission and Purpose:
The purpose and mission of the GTYC is the promotion, protection, and encouragement of boating for pleasure and sport, and to encourage the development and cultivation of good fellowship among its members.

History: The GTYC has a long history of excellence in boating. The club was formed in 1960 and has grown from a small boat racing club to an organization that welcomes and promotes all type of boating and water-oriented activities.

Member Participation:
The GTYC is a volunteer organization. This means participating in club activities, and volunteering time, skills, and expertise to the club is expected of all members.

Consult the following for more details on the operation of the club.

Member and Guest Conduct:
The GTYC subscribes to the Corinthian standard of conduct on and off the water. Sportsmanship, courtesy, and respect for others is expected of all members and their guests. Club members work together in a collaborative manner; we do not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying, threatening behavior, obscenity or swearing. The GTYC is opposed to discrimination in any form. The well-being and safety of each member or guest involved in the sport of boating is a fundamental objective of the club. Members may not use their membership in the GTYC for solicitation or personal benefit. Refer to Article III-A of the club by-laws for more information on standards of conduct and discipline.

Liquor Control:
The GTYC expects members and guests to use good judgement and adhere to state law regarding alcohol use. The Club is permitted to serve liquor only as long as it complies with the conditions of its private club license. The most important of these requirements are:

  1. Only members are allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages from the club except when a public permit is approved by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.
  2. Liquor must be consumed within the clubhouse and/or the fenced-in area.
  3. Off-site alcohol purchases may not be consumed on club premises.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements could result in loss of the private club liquor license and other penalties.

We are a family-oriented club. Parents are expected to supervise their children at all times. Water oriented activities are available to youth of all ages. There is an indoor play area for very young children; please tidy up after using it. Help us plan activities for tweens and teens. 

Common sense applies here. Not everyone is a pet lover or easily tolerates their behavior. No animals of any kind are allowed within the clubhouse. The beach and lawn are heavily used by children; please help maintain a healthy outdoor environment and clean up after your pet. 

E-mail, the GTYC websiteWaterlines Newsletter, & the Docklines weekly e-mail update are the preferred methods for keeping up with club events and activities. All family members should subscribe to the Club News. Review the help pages of the website for tips on navigating its contents. There are also a number of forums on the website where members can exchange information about their interests and activities. The club also maintains accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Pinterest. . Before using the website, review the conditions of use and club privacy policy. Flyers and the club bulletin board supplement the club's communication tools.

Club Rentals:
One of the privileges of membership is the ability to rent all or a portion of the club for personal use. Check the club calendar before applying for a rental then use the on-line rental application form. Review the Private Use Policy for more information on rentals.

Calendar and Special Events:
The GTYC conducts a wide range of programs for Racers and Cruisers. The GTYC has an active social calendar that includes regattas, guest speakers and other special events throughout the year. Make sure you and your spouse subscribe to the Waterlines newsletter.

Smoking Policy:
The GTYC clubhouse is a non-smoking facility. Members and guests who indulge should do so only on the launch ramp and thoroughly extinguish all smoking materials. We hate litter; please use the receptacle provided.

Parking is very limited; as a result unauthorized vehicles, boats or trailers may be removed from club property at the owners expense. Here are some basic ground rules regarding parking at the GTYC:

  1. Maximize club parking on club property. Park all vehicles, boats and trailers within the marked spaces
  2. Do not park on the Sherloq Solutions building parking lot north of the club without permission, the Salon Coifurre building across M-22 from the club, or on the M-22 right of way. These are tow-away and ticketing zones.
  3. Additional parking after normal working hours is available across M-22 behind the Westport building; however, continued use of this area is dependent on the excellent relationship we have with our our neighbors.
  4. Drive carefully on the grounds especially after dark. M-22 is a high traffic area, and parking on the right of way is dangerous and discouraged. Show extreme caution when exiting the club.

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For further information contact info@gtyc.org

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