Burgees S1 - S36

Second Row, South Wall, Left to Right

S1. Great Lakes Cruising Clubwebsite

S2. Erie Yacht Club, Erie, PA

S3. Edgewater Yacht Club, Cleveland, Ohio, website

S4. Lakeview Yacht Club, Cleveland, OH

S5. Port Clinton Yacht Club, Port Clinton, Ohio website

S7. Huron Yacht Club, Huron, Ohio, website

S6. Vermillion Boat Club, Vermillion, Ohio, website

S8. Indian Lake Yacht Club, Russells Point, Ohio, website

S9. Leatherlips Yacht Club, Powell, Ohio, website

S10. Jolly Roger Yacht Club, Toledo, Ohio

S10. St. Mary's Boat Club,  Ohio

S12.  Columbia Yacht Club of Chicago, Chicago, Illinoiswebsite

S13.  Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club, Chicago, Illinoiswebsite

S13.  Carlyle Sailing Association,  Illinois

S14. Indianapolis Sailing Club, Indianapolis, Indiana, website

S15.  Culver Academies, Culver, Indiana

S16. Louisville Boat Club, Louisville, Kentucky

S17. Lake Geneva Yacht Club, Fontana-On-Geneva, Wisconsin, website

S18. Sheboygan Yacht Club, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, website

S19. Racine Yacht Club, Racine, Wisconsin, website

S20. Okauchee Lake Yacht Club, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, website

S21. Pewaukee Yacht Club, Pewaukee, Wisconsin, website

S22. Minnetonka Yacht Club, Deephaven, Minnetonka, website

S23. University of Wisconsin Sailing Team, Madison, Wisconsin, website

S24. University of Michigan Sailing Team, Dexter, Michigan, website

S24. Harbor Club, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, website

S25. Y-Knot Yacht Club St. Clair Shores, Michigan, website

S26. Oscoda Yacht Club, Oscoda, Michigan, (dormant)

S27. St. Clair Yacht Club, St. Claire Shores, Michigan, (dormant)

S28. Poorman's Yacht Club, Clay Township, Michigan

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