Who may rent the Club for a private use?

Members in good standing who have been members of the GTYC for at least twelve months prior to the date of the private use may apply to rent the GTYC facility. All private usage events are non-exclusive; meaning that the Club is available to GTYC Members and their guests during Private Usage Events for use of parking, launch ramp, beach, docks, bathrooms, Mezzanine and Commodores’ room facilities. The Board of Directors meets monthly to approve rentals; as a result, rental requests should be submitted at least 30-45 days in advance of the desired date. 

What are the types of private uses?

Unless otherwise approved by the Board, here are the categories of private usage events: 

Personal use is defined as use by a Member for a personal event for himself/herself or his/her immediate family. Examples of personal uses include but are not limited to: birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement or wedding parties for a Member or a Member’s immediate family. Personal use does not include sponsoring/hosting an event for a friend, neighbor, acquaintance or any non-immediate family member. Personal use does not include sponsoring an event for a club, organization or business, or hosting an event for a business purpose. 

Organizational use is defined as use by a Member to sponsor an event for a club, organization or business of which the Member possesses ownership interest and/or of which the Member personally participates. Proof of membership/ownership in the organization may be required by the Board for private usage event approval. 

Sponsoring use is defined as use by a Member to sponsor an event for a non-immediate family member, or club, organization or business of which the Member does not possess ownership interest or of which the Member is not personally a member. 

Note to Members:

All rentals are for Social Use Only -- Commercial or promotional use, such as but not limited to, soliciting sales of, offering to sell or selling products or services during a private usage event is strictly prohibited. All private usage events must be solely for social purposes.

On a case-by-case basis, the GTYC Board of Directors may set a lower fee for not-for-profit organizations, charity events or activities that have a mission, charter or purpose in line with the GTYC mission. For all events, regardless of purpose, there are incidental costs for items such as normal wear and tear, food and beverages, restroom and kitchen use, club labor, cleaning, gratuity, damage deposit and other incidentals. The Commodore’s Room and Mezzanine are also available for rent. Review the private use policy or contact the for more information. 

Click to Review the Member Rental Policy, Approved February 21, 2017

Pricing is based on the club policy and is ultimately determined by Chairman of the Bar/Kitchen/Rental Committee. We can provide a quote within three days of inquiry

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