Burgees #81 - #105

First Row, North Wall, Left to Right

81. Venice Yacht Club, Venice, Florida, website

82. Naples Yacht Club, Naples, Florida, website

83. Coral Gables Sailing Club, Coral Gables, Floridawebsite

84. Tampa Yacht & Country Club, Tampa, Floridawebsite

85. Key West Yacht Club, Key West, Floridawebsite

86. Miami Yacht Club, Miami, Florida, website

87. Marcos Island Yacht Club, Marcos Island, Florida, website

88. Clearwater Yacht Club, Clearwater, Florida, website

89. The Rudder Club, Jacksonville, Florida, website

90. Bird Key Yacht Club, Bird Key, Florida, websit

91. Sarasota Yacht Club, Sarasota, Florida, website

92. Ventura Yacht Club, Ventura, California, website

93. Fort Walton Yacht Club, Fort Walton, Florida, website

94. St. Petersburg Yacht Club, St. Petersburg, Florida, website

95. Royal Palm Yacht Club, Ft. Myers, Florida website

96. Biloxi Yacht Club, Biloxi, Mississippi, website

97. New Orleans Yacht Club, New Orleans, Louisianawebsite

98. Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, Louisianawebsite

99. Lake Champlain Yacht Club, Lake Champlain, New York website

100. Buffalo Launch Club, Grand Island, New York, website

101. Buffalo Canoe Club, Ridgeway, Ontario,  website 

102. Albany Yacht Club, Albany, New York

103. Ithaca Yacht Club, Ithaca, New York, website

104. Ocean City Yacht Club, Ocean City,  New Jersey, website

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