Burgees #1 - #16

East Mezzanine Balcony, Right Side, Left to Right

1. St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, California, website

2. Richmond Yacht Club, Richmond, California, website

3. California Yacht Club, Long Beach, California, website

4. San Diego Yacht Club, San Diego, Californiawebsite

5. Santa Cruz Yacht Club, Santa Cruz, California, website

6. Sausalito Yacht Club, Sausalito, California, website

7. Lahaina Yacht Club, Lahaina, Hawaii, website

8. Kanoehe Yacht Club, Kanoehe, Hawaii, website

9. Hawaii Yacht Club, Honolulu, Hawaii, website

10. Pacific Cup Yacht Club, San Francisco, California, website

11. Santa Barbara Yacht Club, Santa Barbara, California, website

12. Bayview Society of Mackinac Island Old Goats, Detroit, Michigan website

13. Chicago Yacht Club, Chicago, Illinois, website

14. Alpena Yacht Club, Alpena, Michigan, website

15. Glen Lake Yacht Club, Glen Arbor, Michigan, website

16. Bayview Yacht Club, Detroit, Michigan, website

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